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Wilson’s Miramichi River Report For April 27th

These are a couple of the fish Norris landed yesterday . It is interesting to point out that these fish are much fuller than the fish ten days ago , even the grilse looks great . They have obviously been feeding but as most people know we do not get the smelt run up this far in the river , so they must be grabbing worms , various nymphs and probably small daze . The hen salmon jumped 12 times , not bad action for a seven weight rod . All seven fish were taken on a cast .


  1. Hi Keith, We keep looking at your report to see if there is still fish up river where you are . Happy to see you are still landing nice fish . Should be a while yet before they get down this far. There is still lots of fish around here also but harder to catch than most years due to the low clear water, but can’t complain as all our 11 fishermen landed fish yesterday .Jane Monaghan from Ontario landed 9 Salmon Sunday and a 5 Lb dark trout her first time salmon fishing . Would like to get more rain though to keep the water up . It might not be long this year before we start seeing some of those bright trout and salmon heading your way.

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