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Wilson’s Miramichi River Report for May 3rd

The water is still low but seems to be holding just enough to still get around with outboards if you are careful . There are still plenty of salmon in the big holding ponds and if you get in a spot at the base of a fast moving bar you will still pick up s fish or two . The salmon are in great shapedue to all the feed on this low warmer than normal water for May 3rd . The folks in Blackville should be having good fishing for a while yet .
Best fly this weekend was the Green machine w/ white tail and the samll grey ghost . Floating lines.


  1. Keith-On Wed April 28, the day I left,I had a late ( 8am ) breakfast,started fishing late (after 9am),but we caught 2 salmon at home pool and a couple of trout before 11:40a.m.!all on casts, light taps/takes,size 8 black wooly bugger!then i had to leave for the airport-Norris

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