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June Salmon



  1. Bill Stafford says


    I am very much looking forward to our trip to your camp next week. Tight Lines…

  2. David Humphreys says

    Fantastic fish Doug……you are allowed a scotch but make sure that its just the one! Pete has his work cut out to keep up, you may have to give him afew pointers.

    Tight lines guys

  3. John Richards says

    Hi Doug,

    Looks as if you are having a great time .Wonderful fish! Guess Pete will be arriving today . I shall be watching Keith’s reports .
    Wish I was with you . Have a great time and keep’ ON ‘ the Scotch !Go for it ,life is for living!! JR

  4. steve benteau says

    Hi Keith:
    I’m wondreing what the water level and condition is as we had a lot of rain in Fredericton area on Monday.

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