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Patience pays off for young Nick

Young Nick Stafford is all smiles after landing his first Atlantic salmon . When I asked Joe how he was making out with “the young lad” Joe said that if anyone on the river deserved a salmon it was Nick. This novice angler showed great potential from the very start , he followed instruction to the tee and had a winning attitude .He also displayed a genuine concern for the health of the fish and our river , Nick is a conservationist straight from the heart . In my opinion many young teens could learn a lot from fly-fishing , it teaches a person to have patience and forces you to slow down a little in today’s faced paced world of electronic games etc.


  1. Nathan Wilbur says:

    Something special about being with someone when they catch their first salmon. Now he’s hooked for life.

  2. Jamie Metlin says:

    That report is priceless, congrats Nick and stay with it there will be many moments that you will never forget and pass on to others, you are a true model of a young fellow staying with our beliefs please pass your experience along maybe you’ll encourage just not a friend but another young fellow to look at what this wonderful land has to offer.. GREAT JOB !

  3. Nicholas Stafford says:

    Thank you both of you are right it was a great moment and im exsited to go agian

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