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Keith Wilson’s Rant , Part II

Well , since I am already ticked off I might as well spill my guts . On July 16th we done a tour on the upper Cains River taking temperatures of various brooks and the main river adjacent . Acadia Bridge Pool was 77.9 F , Wathan Brook was 58.o F , O’Donnells was 78.5 F , Beer Brook was 57.2 F , and Wildcat Pool was 78.0 F and the brook was 70.0 F.
I wonder why Wildcat Brook was so warm , could it have anything to do with the fact that the licensee just last winter cut the last remaining deer yard ( app. 30 acres )at the head of Wildcat Brook ? I spoke with the contractor there one day and he was complaining that it was not worth the effort to even be in there , the “wood chance ” was very poor and wading the mud was hard on the equipment on those cold January nights . I noticed that deep ruts were running full of mud straight towards the little buffer along the brook . It does not seem like it would be worth it compared to the damage that was done to the Wildcat Brook watershed .
I remember hunting that area since I was a kid and it was always so wet and swampy in there that you had to wear rubber boots . It makes you wonder what the mandate of DNR and the licenees really is . One thing for sure is that they have no compassion for the few remaining white tailed deer along Wildcat and they don’t seem to give a damn about the big sea-run brook trout that normally seek refuge this time of year at the mouth of the brook . Instead of watershed enhancement it is watershed destruction .


  1. Jordan Hallett says:

    I hear you Keith – and i concur wholeheartedly. I don’t know what can be done though – timber always comes first and everything else second.


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