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Miramichi Gets A Nice Raise Of Water

We went to bed Monday night in hopes of a big rain but it only showered at best a couple of times in the night . But we heard that Cleawater Brook area got dumped on , officialy they received over 30mm of rain and to our surprise by sunset last night the river came up here in McNamee eight inches . The temperature dropped another degree to 67 F by this morning . We hooked fish last night in the upper part of Dudley , which confirms the fish are beginning to move out of the cold water a bit . With rain and cool temps forecast for the next several days we should see more action for sure .


  1. Brad Burns says:

    Hey Keith, yours are the best, most up to date reports on the river. With the current raise of water, a good province wide rain for tonight and tomorrow, a lot of cloudy wet weather for the next 5 days or so, and a full moon about to happen we could be awash in fish shortly. There has to be a pile of them down in Quarryville ready to head upriver. We’re headed up to camp tonight.

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