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Questions about the closures

Bob says:
July 30, 2010 at 3:03 pm (Edit)
this has nothing to do with the counts really but my question is in regards to the closure of the cold water pools. I’m completely in agreement that during times of low water and high temperatures, there should be some relief for the fish at the expense of the angler. But why 2 weeks late? now that the conditions are once again ideal the pools should be open again. Especially for those of us who can’t afford 500 dollars a day.
I also noticed that the largest of all these cold water pools , Big Hole Brook , was not closed. I find this particularly disturbing because of the political implications. Will those who govern the watershed not protect its most viable resource because the wealthy enjoy fishing
I have no personal feelings against the family at all I just find it hard to believe that in a sanctuary that large the decision was to remain open.
Please enlighten me Kieth. You always seem to give a logical explanation

Keith says:
July 31, 2010 at 6:48 am (Edit)
Hi Bob-
I am not certain as to the reason why Big Hole Brook remained open compared to Black Brook but I know there are certain physical characteristics that make the two pools different . At Big Hole Brook the river leading into the pool has a much steeper grade and rougher water which generates more oxygen .They also have Betts Mill Brook not very far upstream that generates cold water and plenty of oxygen , as well as all the Amos Islands with the many channels and cold water seeps , compared to Black Brook area that is much more shallow to begin with , the brook is smaller and from what I hear is warmer than Big Hole Brook . So I am guessing that there could be less oxygen being generated upstream of Black Brook Pool . The Miramichi leading to the Black Brook area is generally much slower and flatter so maybe that hampers the oxygen content . I am not a fisheries biologist and of course have no science to back my opinion so that is all it is , just my guess .

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