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Crown Reserve Roads In Good Shape

I am pleased to report that the Miramichi Watershed Management Committee has done a fantastic job fixing up the government owned crown reserve roads , cabins and camp sites this summer . I have had numerous reports of the good work on the North West and Little S.W. areas and I can personally speak of the superb work on the Cains River crown reserve area . So when you find yourself travelling through some of these beautiful areas this coming fall give thanks to the work crews and the MWMC for a job well done .


  1. Geoff Giffin says:

    Hi Keith,

    I agree with you. I was recently into the Squirrel Falls stretch on the Sevogle and I was impressed with how much work had been done to clear the long trail down to the Squirrel Falls Pool. The trail had been quite obviously pretty choked off by a LOT of blowdown. I found the cabin to be in good shape, too, and the area well maintained.

    The MWMC crew did a great job!


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