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Miramichi River Fall Salmon

A big Miramichi fall salmon , 18 pound hook-bill taken on a brown bug and slow sink line . The big monsters are here in good numbers but are hard to catch .The male hook-bill is the equivalent of the bull moose or big white tail deer , these fish are my absolute favorite of the year , they take slow but fight strong and fierce . They can also be a little intimidating and scary enough when trying to retrieve your hook from that big mouth . Leo is going to a sink-tip line today and has dug way down into the secret pocket of his tackle bag for some of those nasty looking chorus girls and purple grapes . I agree , I think it is time to go down and dirty for the big boy’s .
Photo By Tom Montgomery


  1. Wow…anticipation is running high. Can’t wait for our first experience targeting those sabre jawed Salmon.

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