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Wilson’s Fall salmon fishing report Sept 25th

Here is an example of what we are expecting this week, Jim M. landed this beauty in late Sept 2007 . Our first sign of new fresh salmon for this fall appeared just this morning . John & EJ landed a nice shiny grilse and a beautiful big hen in Big Murphy pool, no sea lice but they were definitely fresh . It looks like Jim will be hitting it right on again this trip .The water is a little low but actually in very good shape for most pools and as far as water to move fish in they will travel on much lower than this . Of course the water temperature is ideal , only high 50’s and not yet too cold . It seems like just yesterday that we were worrying about the water being too warm now we worry about it getting too cold . There is a rain forecast for mid week so we hope just enough for the Cains , we don’t want a big rise for the Miramichi at this time .


  1. Jim Merritt says:

    Keith, It was late September 2006, not 2007, and conditions were close to perfect. I hooked into another (smaller) salmon in the same session and lost it. The guide is John Robinson. Let’s hope the fish caught today are harbingers for good fishing at Wilson’s for the remainder of the season.

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