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Fall fishing Miramichi & Cains

The water is coming down nicely on the Miramichi but still a little high . We are seeing plenty of fish and hook-ups are frequent , but short . Most takes are short pulls so you have to be on the ball and ready to set . The big spey rods are great for casting long lines but if you are just learning to spey then leave it on the shore for this kind of fishing . The guides notice a big difference in success with the single handed rod this week . Our big fish of the week was a nice 41 inch “fresh-run” hen taken on a sinking line and large streamer . Most of the other fish were dark .
The Cains ( headwaters ) is still good for water but not much happening yet as for numbers . Joe is doing a float trip there today with two guest’s so we will know better tonight .


  1. Bob Wallace says:

    Hi Keith: Just checked your site at Mrs. Hennessy’s in the Keenan area. I was up on the Cain’s today as there are few fish moving through out water since the weekend. I think I saw your men, two Americans, and your man, just below the Sabbies, I fished there for about 4 hours saw about 6 fish, water is a bit low for that pool/run, but I loved the solitude and the beautiful fall colors, think one sport said they were heading for Tabusintac, and the other one said to Quarryville, Loved there sense of humour. The older gentlemen, said when I asked if he saw anything moving about, “he responsed they’re moving here, just for You”. Love your website, keep up the good work, your honestly the most formitative, and keep it fairly up to date, thats not the case with most. Thanks, and hope the next week is a good one for YOU, and YOUR GUESTS. Bob

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