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Wilson’s October 6th Report

Weird thing , we were on the Cains three days ago on perfect water , no salmon but high hopes for this week . Joe and two guests floated again today from Leighton Brook to Hopewell and were surprised to find the water a little too low for a canoe trip and still no sign of salmon . I personally fished Leighton and Blue Rock this afternoon and did not see a thing . Rain coming tonight could be just what we need to kick things in gear on the Cains , but we do not want a rise for the Miramichi though , it is just right here . Fishing is slow most days but it seems like every few hours it turns on for an hour or so just to keep us in business . EJ and Eric landed a nice 16 pound hen this morning , bumped several more fish then struck out in the afternoon . It seems like there is just enough action to keep everyone ineterested . Of course knowing that you could be next in line for a 30 pound salmon always helps with the interest level too .
Bill and Jessie with a nice hen salmon on the Cains in 2007

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