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2010 Season comes to a close

We wrapped up the 2010 season with great weather , water and a good run of salmon . The Miramichi was spotty the last two weeks but some great fishing for many anglers . The Upper Cains was a disappointment in general , great water most of the time but slow fishing for the most part. The last day was a real treat with heavy rain and wind , for myself it was also fishless .


  1. Hi Keith, thanks for the chance to fish. My wife and I had a great morning at butttermilk. She hooked one, but it let go as soon as she screamed…haha Thanks Again

    Tim and Ashley

  2. Brad Burns says:

    Keith – we read your report about good fishing in early October in Shinnickburn. Fishing a few miles upriver from there we had a decent push of fish on the raise that came in on the 7th, and more fish came from then to the end of the season. It wasn’t gangbusters, and the water dropped away quite quickly, but we had decent fishing in some of the deeper, slow pools. I guess the water was just too low in spots above there for fish to move much before the end of the season, but I’ll bet they’re there now!

    Part of our group also fished in Blackville during the same period, and for several days after the raise we had a decent run of fresh fish – some with sea lice – that included some monsters. It trickled away to nothing the last couple of days of the season. Overall it was the best fall for my friends in the last 6 or 7 years. With all those grilse we should have a good run of 2 MSW salmon next year to look forward to! Brad Burns

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