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Miramichi Ice Report March 30

The ice has moved in a lot of sections and even in areas like the Doaktown Bridge you can see the ice melting through . We still have tons of snow in the woods so with a few warm days and a good rain we will see the river cleared out easily . Looks like we will be on the water by April 15th .


  1. Gary Beck says

    Thanks for the info Keith. It’s nice to see the ice should be gone by the 15th. Hope you & the sports have a great season.

  2. Brad Burns says

    Keith – Jason Curtis sent me a photo from the Mackenzie Brook area of Blackville this morning. It was all ice last night, but this morning it was all open water. There was a small ice jam down by the old swinging bridge abutment, but he says that will constantly move downriver all day. With no really cold weather in the forecast, and a raise from this storm, the river should clear up quickly now. Brad

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