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Wilson’s Miramichi Report April 21st

The big snow did not develop after all . We got app. 3 inches here in McNamee and it is supposed to clear by noon . The water is down this morning another 4 inches and clear . Aside from a little snow in your boat today it should be good fishing . Boaters coming to the McNamee area should be very aware as the water drops off , there are very distinct channels to follow around all these islands in order to keep your motor off the bottom . Over the past ten years I have acquired five outboard motors hanging in my boat house with the bottom end destroyed after hitting the ever changing bottom around this area .


  1. Norris D. Wolff says:

    Keith-that’s me in the boat casting in light snow !The weather really was not that bad as most of the day was just overcast.In any event we had a great day-5 grilse before taking a lunch break then more hook ups and a few more landed after lunch-no complaints-Norris

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