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Trolling is Not Fly-Fishing

Trolling for Atlantic salmon on the Miramichi River is not fly-fishing . There has got to be something done to stop this ridiculous practice that is becoming far too common . I have heard reports of anglers being anchored a cast distance from shore and have a troller actually pass on the inside right over their line . It has come to the point that many fly-fishermen are totally pissed at what they have to put up with on some parts of the Miramichi during the spring season .This has got to stop !!! . There is presently a loop hole in the law that allows this as long as the troller does not have the rod attached to the boat , it is still trolling when the boat is moving and the guys on board are dragging lines over the side . If they want to troll then go to the tide water below the Quaryville Bridge .
I am calling on all fly-fishermen to contact the Minister Of Natural Resources …. and MLA … and the Miramichi Watershed Management Committee president …
We need to put a stop to this practice now!


  1. jason curtis says:

    Keith, Well said, I could not agree more. I always said that an atlantic salmon must feel disgraced being caught by a troller.

  2. Call me stupid, but I need a little more clarification of why trolling is bad in the spring season. I’ll cast a little, maybe troll upriver a little and cast some more.

  3. i have been saying this for years,,trolling is not fly fishing !!! The Atlantic Salmon Federation with all its news letters about all they are doing to save the Atlantic Salmon and they allow people to troll for a starving salmon headed to the ocean to feed.This is a joke!!

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