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More Trolling Issues

Don’t get me wrong folks , I am not against anyone wanting to get on the water for some relaxation and to enjoy the pursuit of the greatest game fish ever . But when the method you use in this pursuit is obstructive to the guy next to you and is contrary to the beloved sport of fly-fishing then it is time to reconsider your approach . There is a standard of etiquette that must be followed so that we can all enjoy the sport in harmony . In the summer we rotate through the pool giving each rod a chance over the different sweet spots , much the same for spring where you drop down river with your boat . It is just plain rude when you are sitting in your boat next to shore and have a guy in a motor boat troll past you on the inside practically in your face and right over your line .The Miramichi River is host to the most famous of all game fish and the sport of fly-fishing goes back hundreds of years . We owe it to ourselves and the generations to follow to protect this beloved sport . If you find casting difficult then let your line off the back of the boat but don’t be running around with the motor running dragging the line behind you . And besides fly-fishing is just as productfull as trolling in most cases . Old Stan Church fished at this camp for more than 50 years using the long line approach and he hooked literally hundreds of salmon in that time . And there is also the issue of a bunch of two stroke outboards spilling oil and gas fumes in the air and water . It is one thing to run your little 15 hp for a few minutes to get to your location and then shut it off but it is quiet another when there are maybe 25 motors running constant for several hours in that same area .


  1. I’ve enjoyed salmon fishing for over 30 years. But I must say, I have found the etiquette in decline these past 10 years . What was once good natured competition between friends, has somehow evolved into the whole river being a “competitive battleground” where the end justifies the means.

    The essential element that makes Salmon fishing unique has everything to do about how you catch your fish – not the simple act of catching a fish.

    Unfortunately, if this trend continues, private waters may become the last bastion of the true Salmon fishing experience.

  2. I paid the same amount as everybody else on the river, you do not own the river,you fish the river every day and .you pick the days you are being paid to fish. The ones trolling are the ones fishing on the weekends to find the fish then anchor and you say they are wrong? Plus ,soon the trolling will be done.Don’t say trolling is wrong when are on the river every day.Yes we troll but we stay away from other fisherman.And yes if someone did do as you say that is wrong ,but that is a bad apple in a huge pile.

  3. Salmon fishing is the hunt and it is about the casting and the skill in getting the fly to the fish. Think about the many hours spent in summer casting all day to catch 1 and maybe 2 but mostly zero fish.

    Put the time in casting, it will reward you in summer. A traditional drop method would top trolling every time if you compared them head to head.

    Perhaps pressure on the govt would change this regulation. In the meantime, I do not agree with trolling, but if it’s legal, it has to be civil. Besides, We true fly-fisherman catch more of the fish.

    Happy Spring

  4. I have been going fishing there for five years now, the only fish I caught was last year in the the spring.On this I been living in this province for 23 years so I am no stranger here.I have been buying a licence here the hole time.Sure I see were you are coming from ,but times are harder now and to have the same fun you are having from Monday to Sunday some of us use trolling method.
    Here is another thing in the summer I fish from shore and I see the boats out there getting to the holes were the normal guy can not get to, but this is fair in your eyes, plus you as a guide get to catch the fish then turn the rod over to the client and this is true fishing man???????

  5. Cry me the miramichi. The problem is the people not the method. Whether they come to close in a boat or come stand beside you and cast over your line or just wont move through the pool to let the next person have a turn. Trolling is a very effective method which through dedication can be as refined as casting. Even if it is not your preferred method, I believe in respecting my neighbors rights with the hope he will respect mine. If you want to fish above the island in blackville expect bumper to bumper boats, if you dont like it you have the option to go somewhere else. The fishing on the river is terrible compared to a hundred years ago but the fish are easy to catch throughout the river in the spring any method any place… if you know how to fish… At the end of the day its all about a good time.

  6. btw I am not a fly fisherman. I do tie flies and fly fish when required but i am a fisherman in general. I love to catch big fish regardless of how and I am very successful with all species N.B has to offer because I vary in methods. I have no advantage over any one else and I catch a lot of big fish in New Brunswick. It’s a battle and as long as I win, I’m happy. Tight Lines.

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