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Wilson’s Miramichi River Report May 23rd.

Atlantic salmon fly fishing conditions for the Miramichi River near McNamee for May 23rd. The water is still higher than normal and we are starting the third week in a row with a cold east wind . We are picking up a few “old trout” but no sign of the fresh sea-run trout yet . I fished Friday May 20th with a friend for twelve hours during a boat tour from McNamee up past Boiestown and back , we landed only two small trout , and they were hooked right in front of the lodge here at the end of the day . SLOWWWW Day ! There are no complaints about the present river conditions though, this is exactly what would like to see going into June , cold high water would be great for the famous “Rocky Brook Run ” !


  1. Brad Burns says

    Keith – over what time period do you think the Rocky Brook run takes place, and what is the date when you think it is realistic to expect at least a salmon or two to be holding in your pools? Brad Burns

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