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Rocky Brook Salmon on the Move

Hi Keith

Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your timely river reports. For those of us not lucky enough to live on the banks of the Miramichi, having you as a knowledgable observer of water levels, fish activity, etc. is a real asset.

In appreciation let me offer you a timely update. This may not be the first Rocky Brooker of 2011, but it’s the first I’ve heard of. My Dad, Bruno Bobak, released a beautiful 18 pounder this afternoon in the Blissfield area. We had to chase it 1/4 mile downstream by canoe and it took an exciting 45 minutes to get it close enough to tail and release….recovery time couldn’t have been more than ten seconds. An amazing start to the season for an 88 year old angler!

She’ll probably be passing through McNamee tomorrow and yes, the green machine with white tail seems to be working it’s magic for yet another year.

All the best


Thanks Alex, great news . I hear there are a few big sea-run trout being hooked in Blissfield as well . Finally after a long winter it looks like we are back to what we love to do the most . The river’s are still little high but exactly what we like to see for early June . Temps are perfect . Regards, Keith


  1. I hooked 4 fish so far this year. Friday May 27, 2011 I caught and landed 2 grilse on the Northwest at 2 different pools. On Saturday May 28, 2011 I hooked 2 large salmon and landed one. Many others caught all day by other guys. Flies of all sizes from #8 green machines all the way up to 2/0 smelt type streamer patterns. Some nice large trout up to 4 pounds are being caught also. Not many but big ones.

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