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Sea-run trout report


Hi Keith,

Not too many reports of large Sea-Run Brookies being caught this year….. so I thought I might chime in! This big buck was caught last night and quickly released. Anybody wondering if they are there, they are, just keep showing them a fly with a very delicate presentation and remember, keep your eye on the fly!

Tight lines!

Chris L

Hi Chris – Thanks for the great pics. Wildcat is available for you just let me know what night . I have only been on the Cains three times with mixed results , high water maybe eh! Last night I made it to the lower reserve with no expectations of doing anything . Being on a tight schedule and with the 5 pm sun on the water my hopes were low . But holy shit , hooked my largest ever , did not land it but I guess in the 6-7 pound range . It took the fly and just headed off down river out of the pool and over the shallow bar , everytime I put the brakes on hard it would just roll on top of the water a few times then continue going . Finally when it was app 100 yards out it finally came off . I did not get it to the net but what a monster and the best fight ever .
Regards, Keith

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