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Wilson’s Miramichi Report June 26th

Atlantic salmon fly-fishing conditions for the Miramichi River at McNamee for June 26th . No surprise to see the river coming up again this morning . We are probably twelve inches above normal height but this time it is not dirty . But, there is a terrific run of salmon on so you just have to get to a pool or run that slows them down a bit . Despite the big water and rain last evening we still had great fishing. We had one angler using an intermediate sink line while the other used a floating , it did not seem to matter what line nor did the fly choice as long as you were getting over fish . One local guide told me he had good luck fishing from the boat and casting to shore just like the spring season approach, again key point is that he was getting over a decent lie where the fish were slowing down a bit . My fly choice for today would be a #2 or 4 green machine with white tail , tied slim .


  1. Brad Burns says:

    Keith – this raise is one where you were certainly a lot better off being up river. There was up 2 1/2 inches of rain over much of the Cains River valley including one 3/4″ rainfall in one hour on Saturday. By Sunday morning our water was not only rapidly raising but very dirty, especially on the Cains side of the river.

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