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The Girls From The Kitchen

Thought I best be taking a moment to recognize one of the most important parts of any successful fishing trip , the food and service . Wendy Murphy , Bonnie Wilson , Stacey O’Donnell and Mary-Lou Porter ( absent Shawna ) are the team that dish up the superb food , serve it with a smile and make your bed clean and comfortable . These are the people that are all too often not mentioned in the magazines and web sites but for anyone that fishes at Wilson’s they will all agree that the girls in the kitchen are as important as the fish on the end of the line . Good job ladies , Keith


  1. Hello Wilson’s family!

    I’m sitting at my desk in deep depression, wishing I was still with you all.

    Lovely to see Stacy back in action, we missed seeing her this season. You are so right about your wonderful team of ladies. I have been to several fishing lodges and your team is the best!

    Thanks for a superb week.

    Your friend,

    Pete H.

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