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Say No To Shale Gas

Why take the risk ! There is a lot of hype these days about the dangers of shale gas exploration in New Brunswick , but also from around the globe . Check out this web site for more information on the subject … I find it very disturbing that big business appears to hold the trump card over the environment here in New Brunswick . You already know how I feel about the exploitation of the forest resource at the expense of the watershed and fish & wildlife , now we have the shale gas boys in town . It amazes me to think that we have strict laws in place for dealing with a single liter of oil that might drip from a farmers tractor into the soil but a shale gas company can pump hundreds of thousands of liters of toxic chemicals into the ground during routine exploration , not to mention the millions of liters of fresh water that will be pumped from our brooks , lakes and rivers . Corporate greed in the name of reducing the government deficit has to take a back seat to the environment . Don’t be surprised when you begin to see the shale gas companies sponsoring your kids hockey teams, buying items for the local church’s , museums etc. and putting on nice family type bar-b-ques to try and suck you in . SAY NO TO SHALE GAS !!!!!!!


  1. And what’s really scarey, Keith, at least down here in the states, is that the drilling companies don’t have to list what is in the “fluid” they are pumping into the ground! What a mess they are creating…hope it never happens to your beautiful part of the world! Good for you for your public stance on this as well as on live release!

  2. Hap McCall says

    I’m with you, Keith. It’s already happening here in Pennsylvania. There was a report on “60 Minutes” last Sunday about a family whose drinking water could be lit on fire by a lighter or a match. The people whose lives the “fracking” immediately affects are split because some are getting a lot of money for the use of their land. The watersheds that are being poisoned are the source of my drinking water in the Delaware River Valley. Streams and rivers (such as the Lehigh) are just now coming back from damage caused by coal mining. I support the ASF, the Sierra Club, and TU. I can’t imagine the thought of New Brunswick or anywhere else being “fracked”!

  3. Dad- Happy to see you making your opinion public on this scary situation that our province is facing. It is important for NB Outfitters and all residents to understand the risks of hydrofracking and take a stand.

    I’ve attached a link to an intersting slide show that explains the basics of this process.

    I would urge your local readers to learn more about hydrofracking and voice their opposition by signing a petition or writing a letter to their MLA.

  4. Dear readers ,
    As most of you know there is not likely anyone in this province more concerned about the environment than I am . If the process of shale gas hydro fracking is going to mess up our environment then I say it is not worth the dollars gained , but at this stage in the game how do we know . If you are truly concerned about this then it does no good to go off in a panic . One must be careful not to get caught up in “the hype” of the far right-wing environmental movement . It is smart business for the province of New Brunswick to be looking at alternative energy sources . Though I might be nervous of the dangers of the actual extraction process of the gas , there is nothing to worry about seismic testing that is going on now . I am confident that our leaders have our best interest at heart . I am convinced that people like Jake Stewart and David Alward are determined to find all the answers and have solid legislation in place before gas starts flowing . And if it is found that hydro fracking is not safe then I am sure they will do the right thing .
    Sincerely , Keith Wilson

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