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When You Think You Have Seen It All

Just when you think you have seen it all , or better still when you think you know it all , then comes along Chet K who refuses to fish with anything but a bomber . Chet booked in for the last week of August because that is when it is typically the best dry fly fishing , but we had high water and even a flood by weeks end . Does not matter , Chet fished the bomber anyway and had 70+ salmon to the fly , and on Tuesday with the water 3 feet high he had 12 fish to the fly , hooking 4 of them . Chet does agree with one of my approach’s to fly fishing though , he does not count landed fish , he counts action , he and I rate our success for the day by how many salmon or trout we had to the fly or hooked up . Much like upland hunting , it is not about how many birds you kill it is about how many birds the dog puts up .


  1. Keith

    The water was clear by Tuesday.
    The trick was to fish the softer water in which and where the fish were moving in from pool to pool.
    The fish no doubt are on the move.
    Tell Mike to ask Joe and also for some smaller split wing green bombers size 8 ought to do it.
    I’m thinking hard about some September fishing!


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