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Wader Studs Damage Canoes & Floors

A friendly reminder to all anglers planning a trip to Wilson’s this fall . We have a very strict ” No Wader Studs Rule” on the use of waders pics, studs or anything that causes damage to our expensive canoes . Or for that matter who would wear this kind of gear on someones deck or interior cabin floors . We tried putting mats on the canoe floor but for some reason that turns the planking finish white , so that is no longer an option . We have never had a safety problem here on the Miramichi with felt soles so there is no need for studs or pics . Please don’t embarrass yourself or your guide by not complying with this request , because we will be checking your boots . Not to worry though , we have a supply of good quality felt sole waders on site for you to borrow if needed .


  1. Hi Keith
    One of my buddies made a mess in my canoe by mistake 10 years ago, and I still see the damage. I don’t know why anyone would wear cleats in the river anyway, they tend to slip on the rocks and felt bottoms are much safer in our rivers. Just a thought. Tight lines.

  2. I do say that Studs are Not Good for Canoe or Floor. But that are very nice on Big, Flat or Slimy rocks. I have seeing some felt boots on their backs on Flat or Slimy rocks. (elt bottoms are much safer in our rivers)? Not I my eye’s. So they all have there place on the river.

  3. I have no argument about the studs not being effective or not , I have worn them myself and find studs do a good job , but felts do a good job too and in my situation , with expensive canoes and deck floors to care for , I feel that felts work just fine therefore no need for studs .

  4. Felts vs cleats…I’ve used both, my preference is felts, but thats not the point.
    Regardless of what our choices are, if one damages another persons equipment or property, there really is only one choice.
    Love the reports Keith…keep up with the updates. Terribly high water in the headwaters….but tons of fish.

  5. Norm DeMerchant says

    Cleats or felts is not the issue guys. It is the spread of Didymo through our river systems and felt soles aid in this transfer.

    I fish the Miramichi and I fish on the Upsalquitch. The Upsalquitch is loaded with “rock snott” now and it is spreading quickly. It has been discovered in the Saint John River system (specifically the Tobique). You do not want this evasive species in the Miramichi but by advocating for felt soles it is only a matter of time before you’ll get it.

    If you use your felt soles only in the Miramichi drainage, great, if you change your river, even if you don’t think Didymo is there, please use a water and chlorine bleach solution to kill anything that might be tagging along in your felt soles. “I forgot” or “I didn’t know” isn’t going to get rid of this serious problem once it arrives.

    I don’t want to see Sports’ equipment ruined either but felt soles are problematic. Just food for thought.

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