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Doug Hintzman Does Not Wait Around

Doug reluctantly makes the fall pilgrimage to the Miramichi without his buddy Pete at his side but is feeling better after just five minutes on the water . This nice 18 lb hen helped make him feel better so he went right back out and hooked another almost as big . Despite Doug’s good luck most anglers are having tough fishing , even with seemingly hundreds of fish in the air all the time they are coming hard . Maybe a change in weather will turn things on again .


  1. A beautiful specimen right there

  2. Adda Boy Douglas! Have a large scotch for me – great fish.

    I finally made it home to Michigan after a 200 year flood and Heli evac from the Dean River!

    Best wishes to you all,


  3. Hi Keith: Just browsing your site, and thought I would update you on fishing conditions down river at the Hennessy Camps on the Howard Road. Certainly not the numbers of last week, but still good good numbers moving through. I arrived late Monday evening, so did not fish, but Tuesday I fished Bombers and hooked and lost two Salmon. Last night Thursday evening was the best fishing with what appeared to be good numbers moving through our run. I was using my altered Cain’s River Special fly, and got into 3 nice Salmon, landed two with good releases, and the last one, after rolling him 5 or more times “TOOK” with a authority, and pulled line, my reel was absolutely screeming, and then limp line. What a take, I’m hoping that after a quiet early week, the fish are ready to do some serious taking for You and Your Sports, Good Fishing Keith, and hopefully Tight Lines, all around. Bob

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