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A Picture Worth A Thousand Words


Eight year old Brook Wall releases a nice grilse for her Dad . If we teach our children the value of live release when they are young you will have a conservationist for life . Brook will have her name submitted in the contest and also receive a free membership to the Atlantic Salmon Federation .


  1. Kris LeBlanc says

    I beleive this is one of the nicest fishing picture I’ve ever seen. I imagine I’ll be seeing Brooke in years to come releasing nice bright atlantic salmon on our rivers.

  2. Brook Wall says

    Thank you for the nice comment. I attend the come play on the river at the salmon museum and am a beginner fly tyer and that this was an exciting event for me.

  3. We are very proud of our granddaughter, You are great Little girl. This is a really nice fishing picture.

  4. Kris LeBlanc says

    You’re welcome Brook. I have a daughter who just turned 7 and you remind me of her. You both have beautiful blond hair. I hope to see her release a nice grilse just like you did. I can see why your grandparents are so proud of you!

    p.s tell your daddy to buy you a pair of hip boots so you don’t fill your rubber boots with water to release his fish. lol!

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