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Something for the deer hunters to drool over

Hi Keith,
Here’s a little more detail on the deer and a couple more pictures…

I figured you’d appreciate this deer story as you’re getting
into full deer mode. So I’ve been an avid hunter for many years and
I’m basically obsessed with deer. It’s only been in the past couple
years that I really wanted to get close, which of course means
bowhunting. Getting close to any deer is a challenge, let alone a
buck, and let alone a big buck. So that’s what I dedicated my time
to….trying to figure out the big ones. Where the travel and why,
where they eat, bed, how to cover my scent, wind, etc etc. I didn’t
figure it all out but I did spend countless hours in the woods over
the past two years, in all 4 seasons, observing and thinking and
scouting. I suppose that helped me figure out enough. It all came to
the moment on Tuesday night when I saw the big guy coming right
towards my stand, just as I planned (but just as we all plan). I
practice with my bow a lot and at all different yardages. One thing’s
for sure, you can’t practice for how heavy your heart beats. It wasn’t
beating fast, just so heavy that it made my whole body move…not
something you want when getting ready to let an arrow go. He came in
and turned broadside at 20 yds, every bowhunter’s dream. So I took my
chance and hit him in the boiler room….almost. I hit about 3 inches
too far forward of where I aimed and got him in the shoulder blade,
tragic. I saw the arrow sticking out as he ran back in exactly the
same direction he came. I could see that it was in a little ways and
could see he was hurting a bit as he crashed through some deadfalls
but I just hoped it made it in to the vitals. This was at 5:45. So I
gave him a bit extra time and waited till 6:30, checking my watch
every 35 seconds of course. I wanted to give him enough time, but also
give myself enough time to track him before it got too dark. So I
followed the tracks, but there was no blood which scared the bejeezuz
out of me. I followed his tracks for 130 yards and just wanted to race
ahead and start looking all over for him. Some wise advice from fellow
bowhunters stopped me from doing that. I didn’t go further than the
last mark I knew for sure was him, and I ribboned everything. I had to
go back and forth a bit and it seemed he had either stopped running
and walked away or was somewhere nearby. My bow was ready just in
case. So from his last track that I could see I took a real good scan
around me. Sure enough, there he was, 15 yards to my left laying down,
neck and head up looking at me. Shit. Quick decision: he’s hurting but
not hurting enough…get another arrow into him. So I instantly
manoeuvered a bit to get a shooting lane and drew, and fired. Anyway,
he got up and took off but was hurting bad. I waited 20 mins until
7:05, just before it got too dark to find him, and I followed his
trail, blood this time. I got to within 40 yards and again I could see
his head up looking at me but I knew it was over. I knelt down 40
yards away, wanted to keep my distance not to push him, and watched as
his head slowly got lower and lower and it slowly got dark. I waited
an hour. Then went up and he was dead. Tough tough buck. It was pretty
hard basically being face to face as he died, he was the king of those
woods and I paid my respects when I got to him. I was happy and
excited, a bit sad, relieved, you name it. It turns out my first shot
did get in there far enough and got to his vitals but all the bleeding
was internal and the arrow pretty much plugged the hole, that’s why
there wasn’t much of a blood trail at the start. So, that’s the story,
here’s the pictures, enjoy and very best of luck getting your deer
this year!
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  1. John Farnham says:

    Great story! Sounds like you did everything right and what a beautiful buck. I get the comment about feeling a bit sad; been there, done that, and I don’t judge others who feel differently but now I just fish and if I hunt it’s with a camera. Again, great hunt!

    John Farnham

  2. Great story and beautiful buck, you certainly earned him, cogratulations

  3. I’ve been a bowhunter for a few years now and there is no bigger thrill or bigger challenge than getting close a whitetail buck, especially a buck of this calibre. And, being close enough to get a good, clean shot with a bow only adds to the thrill. I have taken deer both with my crossbow and now my compound bow and it’s a great feeling, as a lot of time, scouting, planning, effort and setting up stands and blinds takes place just to get that perfect shot. Tagging out on a buck like that is something to be proud of, damn good work!
    I’ve watched 2 deer die directly in front of my blind after making good, clean shots and it is both a sad and exciting time, so I understand what you were feeling watching this big feller pass on. They are tough animals.
    Gorgeous buck, congratulations!

  4. Sandy McDougall says:

    Nice post!

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