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Cains Crown Reserve Road Wiped Out

For those of you who are familiar with the Cains River Crown Reserve fishery you will agree that one of the best parts of your trip is the drive through some of the old growth forest that still remains in some areas along the river. These areas are few and far between here in New Brunswick nowadays and to come along and find the horrific scene that I discovered on the weekend I am sure it will make most of you as disgusted as I am . There is no excuse for what happened here . The small amount of lumber gained along this narrow strip of land is obviously not even close to the value of leaving these few trees in order to maintain the integrity of this small but valuable old growth area , and this beautiful forest road . The road is of course outside of the river buffer but could have been easily left untouched without jeopardizing the logging operation. It should be noted that local DNR staff are in the process this winter of doing a large scale inventory campaign that will identify even more of these types of areas that hold old growth timber . Based on what I have seen just happen along the Cains River Crown reserve it frightens me to think what else might be sacrificed in the name of corporate greed and provincial deficit fighting measures .I urge all New Brunswickers to contact there MLA and local DNR offices to express their concerns .


  1. PLEASE people take a min to read and post a comment, call DNR and most important your MLA. This is so sad, i have been driving this little road that follows one of the most magnificent rivers in N.B. since i was a kid, and i loved sharing it with my 5yr old son. The same way my father did with me and his father with him. Now its gone. I would like to have the Irving “big boy’s” sit down and tell my son why they need to destroy one our favorite little peaces of forest that we fish, hunt and camp along!!! Make’s me SICK

  2. Sad to see indeed but this has been going on all over the province for years. Why do you think the deer population is so bad in this province? Nothing new but nobody seems to want to listen or give a crap at the political levels that make the decisions. The area you mention, I hunted this ares for moose a few years back and couldn’t believe what was going on in 2008 and 2009 for spaying to kill the hardwoods.

    Even our big game biologist Rod Cumberland has given his recommendations based on studies conducted and payed for by our government. But again DNR has no say and the politicians give way to the Irving group again.

    Have you ever gone up around Rocky Brook and Clearwater brook in Zone 12? What a disaster area.

    Everything around the Northwest and Little Southwest has been cut down. Everywhere you look along the Miramichi river system is the same. Go for a drive along the Dungarvon and take some photos of the disaster up there. It’s just a matter of time that we get 3 or 4 really hot summers in a row and our rivers will be ruined because we have no old growth forest to keep the water cool that enters the rivers from the bogs, brooks and springs.

    I don’t understand why we don’t see more push back from ASF towards our government and Irving??? Is it all behind closed doors and a hand shake here and a hand shake thre??? There needs to be more publicity and this has to get out for everyone to see via the media.

  3. I fished Cains when Wilson’s had the lease,hunted and fished in this country when I was a kid, and that was before the Italians did the clear cutting there in that area. I saw the devastation they did, and then watched yearly as the plantations grew in their place.In all those years I have never seen devastation such as you describe, and also as Karl and Scott said, the Dungarvon area and other operations of the modern lumber giants. It is a hard puzzle to unravel-thousands of jobs lost in this valley because of the downturn in the forestry industry, but clear-cutting continues and trucks continue to travel our highways loaded with matchstick size pulpwood.Destroying old growth forests is unimaginable now that they have many plantations ready for harvest.Contacting DNR and MLA’s is useless, so I agree that publicity through the media will stir public opinion.

  4. As I look at these pictures I feel sick to my stomach. I urge you to send these photos to the following web site: This website is the New-Brunswick conservation council and one of its goals is to inform the public on what is being done to our unique forest, the Acadian Forest. I contacted them to see how our fly tying club could support their initiatives against spraying for hardwood. Can you believe that “the big lumber company” in New-brunswick says it wants more lumber supply from crown land. Enough is enough, we need to rise against this travesty. To all, check out the afore mentionned website and contact them, I believe they and the ASF can be the voice to bring these destructive practices for generations to come to the public eye. It must be stopped!

  5. I see this type of thin cutting strips along old roads alot up here in the Nackawic. It’s crazy to see these old roads skinned for a few dollars. The cost to cut them is probably greater than the value they get out of it. These roads make for a nice evening drive in the woods and often hold good numbers of grouse. After cutting they are nothing but a lifeless muddy mess. The foresters that selected these for cutting should be ashamed of themselves!

  6. Jamie Metlin says

    I have never traveled the said road, But I do see it where I frequent. Anyone that travels on Rte. 108 Plaster Rock Hgw. should be disgusted at what happened at the 420 connector. I was up there the long weekend last May with my dad and everything was normal. The 1st week of June 2 weeks later I went up and couldn’t believe what I seen.. as I was driving about 3:30am I could see this glow in a distance. 1st thought gezz there’s a fire ! Well I was wrong it was lit up like a little city as they mowed down through out the nite our wonderful land. I couldn’t believe how fast this happened. My email was sent last year and I did recieve a reply… “Thanks for you concern” your email will be passed on to the proper party.

  7. The seriousness of this type of problem can not be over said enough. The entire Province is basically under seige. Even the protected areas are at risk.

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