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People Are Speaking Out

Hi Keith,

Thank you for posting this. It is heartbreaking to watch because I know the area – and it is even more heartbreaking to realize that this is happening time and again along many of our rivers and streams in NB. It is disgusting!

I will be certain to share this with the Board of the NB Salmon Council. The NBSC and the ASF are very concerned that the Province is considering increasing the annual allowable cut which happens to include a reduction in buffer zones of 55,000 hectares in NB. If this goes through, we are likely to see even more of this type of thing happening. We are actively working to convince the Province to not proceed with the proposed Crown land management plan.

I echo your call for concerned citizens to voice their objections and concerns to local MLAs, the Minister of Natural Resources, and the Ministers of other departments such as the Minister of Tourism who will undoubtedly be concerned that activities like this threaten our wild fish populations and the recreational fisheries that depend on them. We should be sharing this video with them as well.

Will be in touch.


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