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Low Water Questions

HI Keith,
I realize that it is presently is staying cold up there and that the river is slowly dropping. There does not appear to be a lot of rain coming there in the next two weeks either. I looked at the Graphs from Blackville and compared it to other spring fishing water levels over the years and it’s down around 1.5 meters at present and falling. Would you predict that by April 15th we can all expect to be wading instead of using motor boats to fish? And that as the water drops off, so do the fish drop down river? I appreciate your opinion on these subjects.

Thanks for any insight.
Charles H. C. Foster P. G.
Senior Hydrogeologist

Hi Charlie-
That is a million dollar question for sure . Trying not to be too bias on the subject, given my position as an outfitter with a lot to lose if no anglers come , I still think we will have a good number of salmon in the system until they ( wild fish ) reach a point in the length of day , water temperature and smelt run on the move . It is hard to tell what will happen though if we do not get a normal raise of water . Maybe we will be fishing from shore with more of a fall like fishing
approach . Sink tip lines, smaller flys etc. It is going to be interesting to see how things develop over the next few weeks . Karl pointed out yesterday that in a normal year we see fish jumping as the water drops to this level in May , but as of yet we have seen no fish jumping here in the Big Murphy pond .

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