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Questions About The Bar

Hi Keith,
Is the lounge open to the public, or guests only? We have a camp up in Porter’s Cove, and might consider a visit if you are open and willing to take smelly, thirsty, fisherman.

P.S. I’m heading up in the morning and trying to decide which boat to take, but based on your previous posts, I assume that canoes are in order. I have 20′ Miller that take a 6hp nicely. No problems for that at this water level, right?

Hi Dave-
Thanks for reading our river report . It looks like a good weekend to hit the water . A small jon boat with 10-15 hp. should be fine as long as you are careful .
The lounge is for guest’s staying with us fishing , snowmobiling , renting cottages , weddings or meeting groups . We will take reservations for groups buying meals for special occasions or just want to come by for a nice dinner and a cold beer .
We are not a “Public Bar ” per say , but you are more than welcome to stop in to have a look and I am sure we can find a cold beer for you . You might have plans for a special occassion sometime in the future and we would appreciate it if you would consider our new facility .
Cheers and good luck on the river this weekend .

Regards, Keith

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