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Miramichi Fly -Fishing Report April 23rd

Anglers had better brace their feet today , a strong north-east wind mixed with rain and snow , every guides worse day on the water . We still have a good number of fish in the upper Miramichi area but with 50-100 mm of rain forecast in the next 36 hours the catching will be tough for sure . We predict that once the water settles again and warms up a bit that we will be back into good fishing .


  1. Brad Burns says

    Hello Keith – we were in Blackville over the weekend and had good fishing each day. There were very few grilse in our catch; most of our fish were 32 to 34 inch salmon that gave an excellent account for themselves.

    On the ride home yesterday we saw ice on the trees along the high ground, but the road was fine. It is great to see the rain and cool temps. It makes me feel a lot better about the prospects for the summer’s fishing. We had fish on Memorial Day weekend last year, and so anticipate/hope for an early start to the bright fish again in 2012. Those first big, silver fish are the prize of the season!

    Brad Burns

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