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Cains Headwaters Report


Good Morning Keith!
Last weekend marked our 7th annual trip to the Cain’s. We camp at the “crossing” on the North Cain’s River RD.
Last weekend the fishing was amazing. We caught and released (of course!) about 250 trout over 3 days. Most of them in the 9 to 10 inch range, however, this little smasher measured about 19 inches, about 3 ½ pounds. I caught him in a small (#8) Adams. On my little 4Wt St Croix, it made for quite a fight. It was nice to see the bigger ones up the river that far.
A little rain and I might just give it another try!
Tony Arnold
Marysville, NB

Hi Tony-
Thanks for the report . Wow , great to see a healthy trout population in the headwaters eh . I bet there are more of the big boy’s up there than what most people think . I hear there are a few sections way up in Zionville area that has deep cold water and heavy alder cover , sounds like a perfect place for monster trout to hide all summer . One of these years I am going to make the trek from Zionville to the north Cains crossing just to see for myself what is going on way up there .
Thanks again for the report ,
Tight lines, Keith

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