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25 Pound Miramichi Atlantic Salmon

Joe Wofchuck had a good week on the Miramichi but the best part of his trip was this 25 pound hen . She measured 40 inches in length with a 21 inch girth . Guide Joe Stewart and spey instructor Pete Humphries were a little nervous when they ran out of room on the bank to chase this monster , luckily Mr. Wofchuck had plenty of backing on his big spey outfit and managed to land her in good time . The Bonnie Belle came through again .


  1. Joe! Awesome landing and sometime I want to hear all to details. Nice job to you and the teamwork!

  2. Hi;
    very nice photo’s especially the 25 pounder,its nice to see big fish like that making the long journey back.
    One Question I have is about the fly used to hook this fish.The “Bonnie Belle”… is this fly new for this year?,and is it mostly tied on a double hook?I saw pictures of this fly on your site,and had been in curtis’s fly shop on the 3rd. when a fellow fisherman came in looking for one.He had just left the main river up from grey rapids where he said a gentleman was having good luck with one.Unfortunately the lady at the shop had never heard of it along with all of us so called fisherman standing there.
    Anyway I enjoy reading your site and catching up on the river news,OH!! and yes I have tied a couple of the “Bonnie Belles” as well, just in case this fly is something more than just a little luck.

    Tightlines to all;

  3. Steve Buckley says

    Nice fish! Keith, I saw the video of the Bonnie Belle on your site and liked the looks of it. I tied a few up. Last night, my first on the Restigouche, the Bonnie Belle took one of only two fish landed at the camp (10 rods) and raised another fish. Within a few days, folks here may be asking local fly shops about the Bonnie Belle. I’ll direct them to you.
    I hope you have a great season.

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