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Wilson’s Miramichi Report July 15th

The water is still a good height but warming up by mid-day . The fishing has obviously slowed down considerably due to the warm weather and bright after-noon sun . We are hooking a few fish during the morning shift but it shuts down in the pm . The salmon to grilse ratio is still 70-30 in favor of salmon . The weather forecast is for showers and slightly cooler temps over the next several days . The Bonnie Belle is still our best producer . I have a new stock of smaller 10’s and 8’s coming in today .


  1. Brad Burns says

    Hello Keith, I was on the river in Blackville mornings the 12, 13, 14th. It was 45 on Wed night, and we had a few fish around in the morning. With each hot day we saw less and less fish. Certainly we have seen nothing to represent the nearly 200 fish days at Millerton. I calculate that based on 6% efficiency something like 3,000 fish enter the upper estuary on days like that! Based on what we’re seeing many of them must not have entered the river yet. If we can get a little moisture from these thunderstorms and it cools down a bit during the week as is forecast, we could have a great end of the week and weekend coming up.

    We were also up on the Cains looking around, and saw quite a few parr in the small brook near camp. The MSA project to clear out the mouths of these brooks so the parr and trout can have a cool water refuge up in the streams is very worthwhile. If anyone wants to hear more about it or to make a contribution to the effort please have them contact me at Thanks Brad

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