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Upper Cains River Mid Summer Report

I had a good time fishing Wildcat yesterday . The water is at about a normal mid summer low and temps were nice and cool . The big brooks seem to have a decent flow but a good rain is needed . I saw a lot of smaller trout feeding through-out the area but there were no big sea-run behind the island and very few at the lower pool . They were feeding for about an hour mid afternoon but not a ripple all evening . We had two big thunderstorms blow through so that might have put them down .


  1. Brad Burns says

    Keith – the pictures of the Cains at Wildcat make me lonesome for the place even though I was there a week ago! We checked Mahoney Brook near the camp and made sure it was flowing free to the river. When we walked up to the woods we saw parr along the way in every pool. I talked to Mark Hambrook of the MSA, and he told me that a few days prior they had stocked some of the fry from last years spawning of wild Cains River salmon into the brook – along with a number of other brooks. This week the crew from the MSA is canoeing the river taking out beaver dams where streams intersect the Cains River. This will give both trout, parr, and adult salmon cold water refuge in the brooks that feed the Cains.

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