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Miramichi Atlantic Salmon News July 29th

Not much has changed in two days . We are gently rising a few fish to bombers and occasionally one will nail it hard and jump and run as normal . Surprisingly we are seeing a few fresher looking fish too so it appears that a fish or two have been on the move at some point this last week . Slow fishing !


  1. Dave Banks says

    Appreciate your frequent reports. Sorry to hear how the weather has turned tough for fishing. Nice to see you taking care of the fish in the heat with quick releases. Let’s hope something cools it down. Glad your fellows can get some to take.

    Our camp’s lake in NS reached 78 degrees last week.

    Dave Banks

  2. Brad Burns says

    Keith – I went back over the official temp data for both Saint John and Fredericton NB for the month of July in every decade starting with 1955. There is no trend in temperatures that I can see. Average daily high temps are with in a degree or two year after year, and in fact 1955 was one of the warmest. Even the absolute maximum temps haven’t changed in any really perceptible direction.

    It will be interesting to hear other comments, but I think the amount of rain is what it is all about. Rain keeps the temps down a bit, more water is harder to heat up then less water, and salmon always like a good raise of water. We just haven’t had quite enough of it so far this summer. That can change quickly.

  3. Bob Wallace says

    I have to agree Brad, for the past two seasons, in the water that I fish at Hennessey’s, I haven’t waded once in those two years, always fished from my canoe, as the water level made it difficult to wade and get to where the fish were. A nice rise of water would be so WELCOMING. Was watching the river this morning as I took my Coffee, seen only the odd fish move in the hour that I watched, but with all the hot temps and lack of rain, the river is still holding up pretty good. Take care, and Keith as ALWAYS, THANK YOU for your updates. Bob

  4. Bob Wallace says

    Hi Keith, Was up in the Woodstock area, today, had hoped they’d get some rain, very little in the Fredericton area, and just SPIT in Woodstock, in fact, late afternoon, sunny and one Big FULL MOON out tonight, was still overcast in the Fredericton area when I head through there on my was to the HOWARD RD. Take care, and water should cool some with this lovely night temp. Bob

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