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Good Report From Brad Burns In Blackville


Keith – the three inch raise that we got from last Wed’s rain was enough to shuffle the deck a bit on the lower Miramichi. We had a few fish moving up the river, presumably from some of the cold water holding pools, and fishing was actually pretty good the last couple of mornings. But then we got this nice surprise! Jason Curtis is holding an estimated 18-pound hen that was as silver and wild on the line as a June fish. She had to be fresh from the sea. We caught the fish on a #10 black ghost tied with a black wool body, and a white fly fur wing with a couple of strands pearl krystal flash added. Brad

Thanks Brad-
Good news , keep them coming . We have not seen any fresh fish yet but I am confident that mother nature has everything in order , as usual . Good luck to you and Jason for a productful fall . I can’t wait to see how the Cains will do . Best, Keith

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