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Wilson’s Miramichi Report For Sept 16th

We got a little rain yesterday in the Clearwater area that resulted in about a 2 inch rise this morning . The Dungarvon is reporting 24 ml so I expect that river faired much better . We have a few dark summer fish in the pools but no sign of the brights yet . As with each of the last few small rises in water we expect anglers to hook into a few fish today and tomorrow for sure . It looks like a big rain coming at the end of this week . We are still using small mostly dark flys .


  1. Bob Wallace says:

    This has really been a tough stretch, Keith, I’m just HOPING and throwing in a Big Pile PRAYERS for that nice rain forecast for the middle of next week and more for the weekend. With a nice rainfall would be close to carrying us through to the end of the Season… Hope it all works out, I love the Fall Fishing too much / not just the catching of them, but watching them roll n jump, they’re quite something special. Again, Keith, THANK YOU for being “THE PULSE”, for all of us Fisherperson’s. You sure keep us informed. Take care, Bob

  2. Keith – after having some good fishing the week before, we were back to suffering at the end of last week. We saw a few fish per day in the Blackville area, but not many. The water was the lowest yet, the days were warm with brilliant sunlight, and all we could do was roll a few… It poured for several hours Saturday night, and with parts of the Cains and Miramichi valleys getting most of an inch we are hoping for a little more raise in the lower SWM then we’ve seen so far. With rain for Wed,nice cool temps – I see the water was 57F in Doaktown this morning – and dark, fishy days forecast, we are in hopes of big things this coming weekend. Brad

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