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Wilson’s Miramichi Water Level Report

Wilson’s Miramichi River water level report for Sept 30th . We had a nice rain yesterday resulting in a good 8 inch rise here in McNamee . It will likely bump up a little more today and the forecast is for another 20 ml of rain from now until Monday morning . We have been lucky enough to get into a few fish this week , and some big hook-bills too so we hope with this rise of water combined with the instinct to spawn we should see the fresh run in from the bay soon. Water still rising as of noon .


  1. Bob Wallace says:

    Keith this is “FABULOUS” news. With this fantastic rise of water and with the counts at Millerton, this should really sets up for a Great Fall. If I can, I will update you on whats happening on the Howard Road, Hennessy’s, I plan on going up tomorrow, Monday. I would imagine the water will still be coming up, with lots of debris, but should clear up in a day or so. Good Luck, to you, and your sports. Hope its Great Fishing, Bob

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