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Wilson’s Miramichi Report For Oct 1st

Atlantic salmon fly-fishing conditions for the Miramichi River at McNamee for October 1st . Finally , a good raise of water ( app. 18 inches ). The air temps are warmer than usual and the water color is ideal for fall fishing . The warmer weather at this time of year is much better than being really cold . We hooked a couple of big male salmon last evening on traditional fall patterns . We expect to see fresh run salmon soon . This water height is perfect for our section of the river , we have several very good high water pools so the guides are anxious to get started this morning . As water levels drop to a normal level through the week we will be back to 13 to 16 pools again . Most anglers today are fishing both floating and sink tip lines with all manner of fly patterns , it doesn’t hurt to go prepared.


  1. Hey Keith.
    You’ve mentioned before in your posts about the number of fish going through in Millerton. Is there a website that posts the daily numbers or do you just call them? Also I’ve been hearing rumblings about the possibility of DFO opening the fishing up for a short extended period to help out the outfitters and give some of the locals a chance to hook into some of the ( what must be) thousands of fish that have been waiting in the estuary all summer.
    Rob Agar.

  2. I meant to follow up that last sentence with a question…. Do you have any reason to believe those rumors may be true?

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