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Oct 2nd Update on the Cains

Karl and his guy’s fished from RT 123 to Duffy Brook with no sightings of salmon today . They talked to a group of guys camping just below Deepwood that have been there several days , no fish yet . But , the water is excellent so we should be seeing salmon up there soon . I am a little concerned with how the Cains did last fall ( 2011 ) though , great fishing at Sabies area and good water everywhere but still no salmon to speak of above RT 123 until deer season . The spawning beds were full in the Wildcat area on November 11th .


  1. Bob Wallace says:

    Hi Keith, I came up Monday around noon, water was extremely high with debris throughout the river, Cain’s and Up river, must of got a good clean out. Water has cleared up real nicely this morning, (Wednesday) and has dropped, so that you can make out details in the river. I’ve watched and fished each eveing and morning, and not seeing many fish, whether their just going through with this high water, I’m not sure. Are you seeing any bright fish in your section of the river?? I’m thinking I might go up to Donnelly Brook and try it there this afternoon, that will put me above Cains River, where the water is probably lower but good. One things for sure, you couldn’t be in a nicer place then on the river with these beautiul FALL colors.
    Hope the fishing is GREAT for your sports, Good Luck, Bob
    I’ll keep you posted if there is any change down this way.

  2. Bob Wallace says:

    I’m a very “POSITIVE” person, Keith, and I did go up to Donnelly Brook today, stopped and talked with some fella’s fishing at the pool above the bridge on the South Cain’s Road. They said they were seeing fish,but they we fish that had been in the system for sometime. I took the adventurous drive up to Donnelly, hadn’ been up there in a few years, but to say the least the road has greatly deterioraated, my Echo, was wishing it was a four wheel drive, but we preceivered, and got there. Didnt see any fish, and talked with a guide who was guidin two sports, and he had said, they hadn’t seen much there. He did make the comment, that he has a friend in Loggieville, and the fish are still jumping in the bay?? That doesn’t make much sense with the height the water is. I continue to have hope that we might get into that FALL run, I’ll keep you posted if there is any change, in my location. I hope you and your sports continue to get into fish. Take care, Bob

  3. Bob Wallace says:

    Amen Keith, I knew my POSITIVITY would pay off, this afternoon in an hour had two fresh fish, one a nice Salmon in the 12 pound range, right full of fight, got it released without having to handle it much, and a nice scrappy Grislse, he to is on his way. I know this is the news you’ve been waiting for, and I think for us in this area, this is just the beginning of those bright fall fish. Take care Keith and The Best Of Luck, to You and Your Sports. Bob

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