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Brad Burns Lower Cains

Picture of Karl on upper Cains Oct 2nd .

Keith – we got a few fish in Blackville over the last few days since the raise cleared up. Our raise came almost entirely from the Cains, as parts of that watershed had more than 60mm. Thes fish included a 16 pound hen this evening. All fish since the raise have been fresh in to the river, some with sea lice.
I fished water a couple of miles above Shinnickburn 4 mornings this last week and never saw a salmon. Last year we started seeing them during the middle of the first week in October. With the main river run so anemic this year I’m concerned about what we’ll see in the Cains. The recent Millerton numbers for salmon aren’t bad, though,and I expect we’ll see a good many more fish moving up before the year is finished.
By the way, if the spawning upriver is in mid November, why can’t we get a one or two week extension on the Cains, perhaps above Sabbies, Muzzerol or something? The Tabusintac is open until 10/30. I understand that trial a few years back – which is how I fell in love with the Cains – was not extended because they thought people were wading through redds. What is your view? Brad

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