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Wilson’s Miramichi River Report May 3rd

The recent rain brought the water up again and a little dirty yesterday but it is dropping already . The water level in general is still above normal but there are plenty of fish to keep anglers happy . Our best luck seems to be on the Renous Special , or a variation of it as long as it has green and yellow and silver . Some guest’s are carrying two rods in the boat , one with a heavy sink tip and the other with a medium sink tip . Fish are still taking in the bogan water and edges and if you don’t mind pulling your fly out of the submerged bushes allong shore you can take grilse as the fly comes out . The old fashioned wood fire shore lunch is still very popular with our guest’s . The old timers called it “boiling the kettle” which is exactly what we do , we brew your coffee in a tin kettle and cook your meal in antique fry pans . There is nothing better than the old shore lunch after a morning of fighting salmon .

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