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Miramichi is just melting out

The Miramichi is slowly but surely melting out , the water height is still low but
with the coming weather forecast combined with two to three feet of snow still in the woods and reports of even more in the upper watershed we are bound to see a heavy run-off at some point soon . With temperatures forecast to rise all this week and then rain by Sunday you will see a much different river by this time next week . It does not look good for opening day on April 15 , but things can and usually do change quickly here on the Miramichi . Bonnie and the girls are busy getting the lodge and cabins cleaned while the guides and I are shining and painting boats and gear in excited anticipation to the big day .


  1. Hi Keith.
    I really like your site, very professional! When do you think the river will be ready to fish?
    Your friend. Dale

  2. Matt McBrine says


    I’m travelling up from Quebec this weekend, still hopeful to fish. Arriving on Saturday, departing late Monday. I apologize do not know the name of the camp I am staying at my close friends (Squires) have made arrangments. Looking for some optimistic news later in the week. Thanks.

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