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Important Public Lecture

Subject: 2012 Hynes Lecture: David Schindler- 15 and 16 November
Importance: High

One of Canada’s top aquatic scientists, Dr. David Schindler from the University of Alberta, will be at UNB Saint John and Fredericton on November 15th and 16th to give this year’s Hynes lectures on the effects of oil sands development and eutrophication on Canada’s waters.
The Hynes lectures are an annual event organized by the Canadian Rivers Institute to recognize and host a researcher known worldwide for his or her contributions to science and society.
Public Lecture: Thursday, 15th November, 7 pm, Hazen Hall Lecture Theatre, UNB Saint John,
“The Oil Sands: Economic Saviour or Environmental Disaster?”
Science Lecture: Friday, 16th November, 3 pm, Kent Auditorium, Wu Conference Centre, UNB Fredericton,
“The Dilemma of Controlling Cultural Eutrophication”

All are welcome to attend and the lectures are free. Refreshments will be served.
For more information on Dr. Schindler and the lectures, please visit
For those of you that cannot make it, the public lecture will be posted on the website shortly after the event.
Thank you in advance for sharing this message with others.

Karen Kidd
Canadian Rivers Institute
UNB Saint John


  1. Bob Wallace says:

    Hi Keith, Fishing for us all is “all put to bed” for yet another season. I would be most remiss, if I didn’t THANK YOU, for your continuing efforts to keep us informed of the fishing conditions on the Southwest Miramichi. As I’ve related to you numerous times, I look forward to seeing what’s new on your site, and a MOST SINCERE THANK YOU, for your VALUED efforts.

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