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Wilson’s Miramichi River Ice -Run report

April 2nd
Wilson’s Miramichi River Ice-Run report for April 2nd shows the river low and clear with a small channel worn through from Big Murphy Pool to Lower Justies . The ice jam here at the home pool slowly melted away after a few warm days but we will need more warm weather and a good rain to really clean the river out . Environment Canada is forecasting snow for later this week so that should generate a decent raise in water levels . My prediction is complete ice-out by April 12th .


  1. John from Saint John says:

    Give us a picture update of the river!!! We need updates! We need updates! haha,

  2. Green Ghost says:

    Hi Keith,

    Looks like the weather gods might be with us. I thought the 12th was a bold prediction, Ice free by the 12th? Hope the warmer weather is for sure and we hope you are right! For us, the gamble is a 750 mile drive. How much snow is in the woods?? It has been real Winter in New England this year. I hope it’s melting. Certainly our group are excited to fish, but every year you roll the dice, book your trip, and in spring it’s always a gamble. Is there any movement in the fishing commencing on ice out up there?

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