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Wilson’s Spring Fishing Report April 17th

Joe April 16th
Wilson’s Spring Fishing report for April 17th . Guide Joe Stewart showing off a beautiful salmon caught on a #6 black wholly bugger . The river came up last night app 12 inches and is finally a normal spring season color so we will be switching to more traditional size spring patterns . With this rise in water we will be seeing more ice on the move over the next several days so pay close attention .


  1. Well done Norris and Joe. A good looking spring fish.

  2. Keith-Until April 15th,2013, last April was the best salmon fishing I had since 1961-Monday April 15th, 2013 broke all prior records!The fish Joe’s holding was one of 5 salmon I caught that day–a personal best-all on the black wooly bugger–all healthy and strong-amazing trip-we caught more salmon than grilse and all the fish were in great shape-can’t wait to return-also loved the upscale, first class dining at the lodge-it doesn’t get any better!Norris

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