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Wilson’s Miramichi Report For June 29th

Wilson’s Miramichi River for June 29th . Atlantic salmon anglers could not be happier with this cool weather and great water . The river came up last night app. 4 inches and is nice and clean . We landed a nice salmon this morning and are seeing more fish too. For those interested please notice this monster sea-run brook trout . The reason we are seeing trout this size is because of guys like Chris that are devote “live release anglers” . What a shame to kill such a beautiful specimen as this , and that goes for salmon as well . Please consider the value of live release angling this summer and do your part to protect our salmon and trout .


  1. Wow, what a trout. Is that off the crown reserve on the cains? That is remarkable.

  2. Chris, you are a legend to all of my fishing buddies out here in Alberta. I sure miss the last ten minutes before dark on the Cains!


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